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Are You On A Mission To Transform Lives?

Established in 2003, Martineau Systems develops and delivers aspirational marketing, neuroscience-based training and organizational strategy execution. We empower and embolden individuals and organizations to realize their lofty vision.

People and enterprises thrive when empowered to articulate their unique value. —Mischa Martineau

We work with the best-of-the-best and those who aspire to be!

California Life Solutions

Are You Committed To Empowering The Next Generation?

California Life Solutions, a division of Martineau Systems, delivers the I AM WHO I SAY I AM curriculum for schools and community groups. Learn more.

We are always looking for partners who want to increase the impact and sustainability of their existing programs.

Empower your loved one to believe in him/herself.


Martineau Business Training

Belief Powers Execution

I AM Who I Say I AM For Business training engages your team in the process of engineering a sustainable mindset to execute strategy and achieve goals.

Schedule group and individual training/coaching for career advancement, talent recruitment and retention through organizational succession.

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Is Your Organization Executing Strategy And Achieving Your Financial Results?

Martineau Systems partners with ON-STRATEGY to deliver enterprise solutions for sustainable growth and transformation. Our middle to large enterprise clients span industries including: technology, banking, insurance, manufacturing and life sciences.


How do you think that meeting, or not meeting, your strategy goals will effect your organization?

Contact us for an experience that brings together your leadership team to tap the collective IQ and take control of your organization.