A curriculum that empowers adults, teens and tweens to believe in themselves. (more…)

Sustain Personal Growth

I AM Who I Say I AM is cognitive behavioral transformation  (more…)

I AM Who I Say I AM is Aspirational

Empower your group to reach the stars. (more…)


Reviews from experts: "...a biologically-embedded anxiety or depression may be regulated for greater well-being...designed to instill true and lasting personal change..." (more…)

A Cognitive Behavioral Transformation Program

I AM Who I Say I AM is a curriculum contained in the 64-page interactive My Discovery Journal
workbook. Participants are empowered to create a life vision, set and achieve goals, and sustain
personal growth. The developer Mischa Martineau facilitates programs for:

Teachers and Parents to Empower Children

Adults and Teens

Audiences with Special Interests such as Health and Wellness

Business Professionals

WE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER FOR ORGANIZATIONS to deliver I AM Who I Say I AM as an in-house
and FOR COACHES, COUNSELORS AND THERAPISTS to facilitate with their groups.

ORDER the I AM Who I Say I AM STARTER KIT (10 My Discovery Journals and a one-hour webinar) $349


I AM Videos

The Story of I AM Who I Say I AM

The Story of I AM Who I Say I AM

The Story of I AM WHO I SAY I AM and the development of the My Discovery Journal to teach adults, teens and all children to believe in themselves.
For Teens and Adults

For Teens and Adults

The I AM WHO I SAY I AM experience empowers teens and adults to overcome negative self-talk, and the tyranny of self-doubt, by elevating one's aspirations, fueling the belief that the vision is achievable, an...
Expectations Fuel Success

Expectations Fuel Success

We've all heard people say, "Lower your expectations and you won't be disappointed." Mischa Martineau explains, in I AM WHO I SAY I AM, that expectations can motivate and de-motivate us. Having an expecta...
I AM Speaker Preview

I AM Speaker Preview

When you hire Mischa to deliver an introduction of I AM WHO I SAY I AM for your group, compelling videos will be included. In this preview, you'll see a few of the concepts that are featured throughout the cu...
Thought Spiral

Thought Spiral

How many times have you been so excited to start a new adventure and thought, "Yes! I AM going for it!" ...and then you experienced a paralyzing fear driven by doubtful thoughts like: "Who do I think I'm...
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