Life Coach

Are you seeking to evolve your training technologies to make a greater impact
in the lives of your clients?

Mischa offers customized training videos and My Discovery Journals,
that are co-branded to your business as an extension of your products and services.

Here are the typical steps to implement the customized solution:

Step One:
An introduction to the I AM WHO I SAY I AM concepts and curriculum.
A meeting-of-the-minds to define a co-branded deliverable for your unique coaching practice.

Step Two:
A dynamic, collaborative meeting to align the I AM concepts with your coaching plan.

Step Three:
The completion of a co-branded solution for your business with best practices for integrating the
I AM concepts with your unique coaching practice.

Start Here:

Start with an introductory Skype or teleconference. Contact Mischa with a link to your website
and best time to connect.