School Counselor

To deepen the effectiveness and increase the sustainability of your school’s programs and initiatives,
I AM WHO I SAY I AM is customized to meet your school’s objectives.

The typical process steps are:

  • Step One:
    This is a one-hour “Meeting of the Minds” to set our intentions.
  • Step Two:
    Mischa will conduct a leadership training session for your team to gain insight into the power of the I AM WHO I SAY I AM concepts to exceed your organizational goals.
  • Step Three:
    This is a consultation meeting to define a Kick-Off Plan, typically in this order:
    a. Define specific outcomes
    b. Align the I AM concepts with your existing programs and lesson plans
    c. Co-facilitate sessions to train-the-trainer

Special thanks to Tom Bogatzis at Ladera Ranch Middle School in Ladera Ranch, California. For the opportunity to present I AM WHO I SAY I AM to a class in March of 2017.

I AM an Outstanding Graduate

Thank you to Valley High for the opportunity to share I AM WHO I SAY I AM with their 2016 graduates.
We exchanged ideas, thoughts and vision to shape a positive mindset for college.