Girls In STEM

Women In Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

At the age of 53, Mischa Martineau launched her career in technology. Before setting forth on that path, she had these thoughts: “Technology is so far ahead and I AM so far behind. I AM never going to catch-up.” Working her I AM WHO I SAY I AM program, Mischa flipped those thoughts to: “I AM moving powerfully forward in my technology career. I AM taking to it like a duck to water.”

Within three months of starting her first position in technology, for a software development company, Mischa was training engineers to leverage the Microsoft SharePoint platform for collaboration, project management and content management with governance and IP protection.

I AM WHO I SAY I AM is dedicated to empowering women in technology to elevate their aspirations and realize their greatest vision.

We are a proud member of Women In Technology International and the National Association of Women Business Owners.