Customized Training Types

·  Group Workshops
·  Individual Mentoring
  Request a Customized Plan

Length of Group Training

Workshops are custom-delivered and the recommended length and intervals of training may vary based on the objectives for your group. The overall program is 9 hours. Typically workshops are delivered as:

·  One full-day OR
·  Two or Three half-days

Workshop Modules

I. Begin To Believe – The Foundation For Change

·  Define The Process To Change Beliefs
·  Engineer New Thought Patterns
·  Identify Steps To Sustain Positive Thinking

II. Build Resilience – Self-Mastery

·  Exercise Self-Control And SelfMotivation
·  Identify A Process To Overcome Fear And Anxiety
·  Practice Techniques To Sustain Positive Action

III. Realize Your Vision – Purpose With Permission To Succeed

·  Define An Integrated Lifestyle Based On Core Values
·  Discern The Dynamic Between Goals And Vision
·  Unleash The Power To Innovate