Welcome to Martineau Systems, founded in 2003 by Mischa Martineau as an umbrella company for multiple brands that empowered businesses to grow through authentic marketing, branding and professional development.

Today, we devote all our energies and creativity to fulfill a higher calling by focusing on our company, California Life Solutions and its flagship brand, I AM WHO I SAY I AM.

California Life Solutions

At California Life Solutions, we are on a global mission to empower individuals to believe in themselves, set and achieve significant goals, while enjoying mental health and happiness. We serve two main groups:

  •  I AM WHO I SAY I AM For Business
    For women in technology to accelerate their careers by mastering the communication of business value and self-advocating for greater opportunities.

  • I AM WHO I SAY I AM For Teens
    For parents, tweens and teens to increase self-esteem, self-efficacy and build the resilience necessary to navigate cultural change and achieve significant career goals.