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There is a powerful difference between telling someone what to think and do and empowering them to think for themselves.

Mischa Martineau conducts interactive speaking events that introduce audiences to the concepts
contained in the I AM WHO  I SAY I AM – My Discovery Journal that include how to:


How to do the things we know are good for us and cannot motivate ourselves to do them.

“I know I should be doing it. I’m not. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”


How to sustain personal growth and change for long-term rewards.

For the person who wants to lose weight and thinks: “I eat right a week, and then I go back to my old self again.”


Groups vary from parents and kids together, or separately. Other groups include: therapists, teachers and counselors.

Contact Mischa to request more information for your group.

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thumbs-up-kids-program-to-believeAre your teens experiencing anxiety at school and home?
Request an introduction to the I AM WHO I SAY I AM concepts
that address the issues that are of utmost concern to you – for
the well-being of your teens.

Later, when participants complete their My Discovery Journals,
teens find answers to questions like Who AM I? Why Am I here?

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Speaking fees vary.


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