An I AM Who I Say I AM Message To Teens

“Are going through a lot of pressure and wonder, Who AM I? Why AM I here? Where AM I going in this life?

That was my situation as a teen. I went to eleven schools by the time I dropped out in grade eleven. The pressures of new schools and trying to fit in – by drinking and doing drugs – destroyed my career opportunities. My dream of attending the University of British Columbia, and becoming a lawyer, was beyond my capabilities. I felt like I had nowhere, and no one, to turn to for help. I was dying inside.

I created I AM Who I Say I AM for you. I love you and I AM here for you. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you sometime soon at an I AM Who I Say I AM program! Please feel free to message me anytime. You can IM me from Facebook if you like.”

—Mischa Martineau