First Black Women Pilots – Flying High

Melissa “M’Lis” Ward is the first black woman airline pilot of a major carrier. She says, “My mother was the first black woman to graduate from the University of Chicago Medical School….I AM going to win at everything I do.”

Bessie Coleman is the first female African American pilot in the USA
I AM an adventurer. Highlights from the video:

Bessie was raised in poverty and working as a manicurist when she pursued her dream to fly. Undeterred by the fact no one in America would teach a black woman how to be a pilot, she found an international flight school in France that would accept her. Bessie worked hard to save the money to travel to France, and at night taught herself to speak French.

She raised money she did not have. learned a language she did not know and earned an international pilot’s license in 1921.