LEAP Program

Linking to Employment Activities Pre-Release (LEAP) Demonstration

The following excerpt is from this press release: The purpose of this program is to develop and operate satellite American Job Centers (AJCs) inside of correctional facilities to address the employment barriers of incarcerated individuals as they transition into the community and the workforce. LEAP centers will bridge the transition period and directly link participants to their AJCs for a continuum of services upon release. LEAP centers provide an integrated approach that will allow resources and services to be leveraged by both the public workforce and correctional systems to help reduce recidivism and improve employability.

How Is I AM WHO I SAY I AM Related?

Mischa Martineau is offering I AM WHO I SAY I AM programs to LEAP partners. She conducted a train-the-trainer program for a LEAP team, consisting of case managers and employment specialists at Working Wardrobes in Orange County, California. Mischa is reaching out to other counties and community partners to deepen the effectiveness and increase the sustainability of their great work to transform lives and communities.



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