Become a Partner

I AM WHO I SAY I AM Empowers Families to Develop Resiliency During Times of Cultural Change.

Our partners are committed to providing resources to alleviate the anxiety of cultural change and promote positive experiences. We are grateful to them for providing venues for the I AM Who I Say I AM community events. These dynamic programs are facilitated by Mischa Martineau for individuals of all ages. Participants walk-away empowered to build resiliency and sustain positive thinking for personal transformation.

To become a partner, please email us a link to your website and a message with the spirit of your intentions.

Sample of the promotional messaging for our partners:

As a Realtor, I know first-hand the challenges facing individuals and families when they are transitioning to new cultures. Whether those new cultural experiences are at school, work, or in the community at large, I am committed to providing resources to alleviate anxiety and promote positive experiences.