Mischa Martineau founded Martineau Systems in 2003 based in Seattle, Washington. Elaine Benson, ebenson Studio in San Jose, California, is a co-founder and  senior graphic designer. In 2005, Martineau Systems migrated to its current location in Orange County, California.

Early Market

At its launch, Martineau Systems operated in the real estate space. Its flagship product was an integrated sales, marketing and training system – including the Lifestyle Vision Guides product – built as a consumer-centric fee-based business model.


In 2014, Mischa Martineau launched a career in technology.  Within six months she led an enterprise cloud-based work management initiative, developed and delivered training to engineers and executive management. Within three years she led a marketing initiative working with the C-Suite on enterprise growth and SaaS product development.

Martineau Systems current clientele is comprised of enterprises experiencing rapid growth seeking technological engagement and operational excellence.


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