Mischa Martineau

Mischa Martineau is the Founder and President of Martineau Systems – a marketing and training company that develops and delivers innovative solutions for sustainable growth.

Business Leader

Mischa has over 33 years of experience as a business leader: CEO, President, Global Marketing Director, Business Consultant and Curriculum Developer. She is a prolific developer of revolutionary products and training programs for professional services encompassing software development, real estate, financial services, mental health and organizational consulting.

Business Trainer

For over 30 years she has developed and delivered curricula based on her experiences in the trenches of sales, marketing, business development and organizational psychology.

Special Recognition

Mischa is recognized for the development of the innovative I AM Who I Say I AM cognitive behavioral curriculum. Highly acclaimed – as an innovative root cause solution for personal growth – by a researcher in the  University of California, Irvine, Department of Nursing Science, and numerous psychologists.  I AM Who I Say I AM for business empowers teams to breakthrough silos, unify around a compelling vision with strong individual payoffs, and build resiliency to sustain innovation.

Value Statement

There are thousands of training programs that inform participants of the strategies to adopt for greater success. The I AM Who I Say I AM curriculum facilitates a process for individuals to self-actualize and self-sustain professional growth.

“There is a powerful difference between telling people what to do, and empowering them to change their thinking and sustain higher levels of performance.”
Mischa Martineau