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Career Empowerment

The Most Innovative Business Communications Coaching For Women In Technology!

Proprietary Mental Technology

I AM WHO I SAY I AM Is Cognitive Engineering For Strategy-Execution & Innovation.

Testing Your Positivity With I AM WHO I SAY I AM - PPE

Landing An Exciting Role

I was struggling with job interviews. As a direct result of  I AM WHO I SAY I AM coaching, within 2 weeks, I had offers from 3 major companies in my space.

Mental Health & Happiness

I AM WHO I SAY I AM empowers you to engage your home team!


To empower every woman in technology to believe in and realize her greater capabilities. We innovate and deliver the I AM Who I Say I AM business communications training and coaching program.

Who You Are

You are a woman in technology on a mission to invest in yourself and reach your highest potential. 

What You Believe

You believe communication is the # 1 skill set for career advancement and self-talk is a key factor.  

Why Us

I AM Who I Say I AM business communications is proven to increase success and salaries.



The I AM Who I Say I AM business communications program integrates the hard skills of creating and communicating extraordinary business value with the soft skills for sustainable self-actualization and transformation across diverse cultures.

Creating Your Vision

By Elevating Your Aspirations & Activating Your Imagination!

Increasing Your Influence

By Exuding Confidence And Articulating Extraordinary Business Value.


From exuding self-confidence, articulating business value and self-advocating for greater recognition and career opportunity; our clients become stronger communicators as: public speakers, team presenters and influencers.

I was having marginal success with job interviews. After practicing my “I AM Who I Say I AM” self-confidence exercises, I found myself consistently advancing to the next round. Within 2 weeks I received 2 offers and accepted a dream job that I directly attribute to my “I AM Who I Say I AM” training and coaching! 

N Jerry

Senior IT Program Manager

In her WITI keynote, Mischa showed how to practice techniques to articulate unique value, what it takes to be recognized, and how to unlock opportunities for your career and step into the realization of the new you!

Lenke Valek

Women In Technology International, Orange County Committee

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Online Communications Coaching

One-on-one coaching with Mischa Martineau. Start by setting outcomes, and engage in 15-minute calls over six weeks, for immediate progress.

Online Leadership Consulting

Empower your organization, individually and collectively, with sustainable mindsets for Coronavirus business agility, adaptability and innovation.

Online Team Training

Webinars that align your team to execute Coronavirus business strategy, by leveraging emotional intelligence and articulating value propositions.

mischa martineau

Mischa Martineau is the founder of Martineau Systems and its divisions California Life Solutions and IAMWhoISayIAM.Global. Leveraging her expertise in organizational development - specializing in sustainable cultural belief systems - Mischa developed the cognitive neuroscience-based I AM WHO I SAY I AM curriculum. 

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Keynote Speaking

Mischa Martineau developed the I AM Who I Say I AM mental technology as the operating system for continous career growth.  

For Women In Tech

Mischa at a Women In Technology International event on cyber security with Peiling Chan moderating the panel of cyber security experts. 

Business Communications

Mischa Martineau with Shashi Jasthi at a Women In Technology International speed mentoring event at the Capital Group. 

Excel In A New Normal

create your reality

Leverage I AM WHO I SAY I AM to control your self-talk and communication.   

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