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Coronavirus Workspace

Leveraging the power of I AM Who I Say I AM

Making It Work

Give your employees the mental tools for health and wellness.

Making It Fun

Engage your employees with an adaptable skillset.

new growth strategies

The I AM Who I Say I AM business communications training and coaching empowers individuals and teams to pivot with agility, operate with constructive urgency, and create positive working environments that foster personal and enterprise growth.

online deliverables

Communications Coaching To Create Your Positive New Reality

One-on-one coaching with Mischa Martineau. Start by setting outcomes, and engage in 15-minute calls over six weeks, for immediate progress.

Leadership Consulting For Engagement, Agility & Productivity

Empower your organization, individually and collectively, with sustainable mindsets for Coronavirus business agility, adaptability and innovation.

Team Training

Micro webinars that spark optimism and ingenuity to excel under COVID-19 social and economic pressures – and align resources toward growth opportunities.

Excel In A New Normal

create your reality

Leverage I AM WHO I SAY I AM to control your self-talk and communication.   

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