MARTINEAU SYSTEMS partners with ON-STRATEGY® empowering businesses to reach their strategic destinations.

IRVINE, CA, USA, April 3rd, 2018 —
Mischa Martineau, President of MARTINEAU Systems — an innovative marketing and training company based in Orange County, CA — announces its partnership with ON-STRATEGY®  a multi-national consulting firm operating in Latin America and North America. They are on a joint mission to empower clients to build strategy execution best-in-class practices that develop sustainable advantages and drive business growth.

Ms. Martineau says, “The most powerful system for success is our belief system. Agility and capability are a mindset. Martineau Systems proprietary I AM Who I Say I AM – For Business is a cognitive neuroscience-based training solution that empowers participants to increase belief in their greater capabilities — individually and collectively — which activates the collective IQ, drives performance and increases enterprise competitiveness for talent recruitment, retention and succession.”

She adds, “Our relationship with ON-STRATEGY® expands our capabilities by leveraging its innovative (TEP) Total Execution Process — a systemic execution model at the intersection of Strategy, Processes and People, designed to drive a sustainable total transformation.”

According to the HBS Press, 85% of senior executives spend less than one hour a month discussing organizational strategy. 95% of the collaborators do not understand the strategy or their role in it. 70% of executives do not have their performance goals aligned to the strategy. 60% of organizations do not align their budgets to their strategies.

Juan Piacquadio managing director of ON-STRATEGY® explains, “We operate with the philosophy that strategy is important, but execution is what matters. For over a decade we have a track record of empowering mid and large regional and global organizations to transform and grow to meet their strategic destinations and achieve sustainable superior financial results. We are proud to partner with MARTINEAU Systems for its unique value proposition as an added-value to increase the competitiveness of our mutual clients.”

Juan Piacquadio, MBA, MSIT Managing Director ON-STRATEGY
Mischa Martineau Founder & President Martineau Systems



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